Chabad on Campus

In 2011, I joined Brooklyn College (CUNY). I would attend different social clubs. One club I came across was "Chabad of Brooklyn College" which was run by a few friends of mine. I became very active with their advertising and eventually they added me to their student board. During my time on the student board, I felt that the club needed a facelift. I felt that they needed to rebrand. This club has been around forever and they were still stuck with the old microsoft publisher for their advertisements. As soon as I came in, I made sure that the club got a huge makeover. 


The first thing I worked on was their club logo. The Chabad on Campus orginazation logo has a "menorah" featured. Therefore, I had to incorporate the menorah into our logo. The middle peice of the menorah is called a "shamash". So I replaced that with the iconic Brooklyn College logo. 


In 2012, I was elected as club President. One of my jobs was to coordinate events and activities that would impact students lives across campus. Working with other clubs and off campus groups, I have put together some pretty big events. Literally, I have done everything for this club while I was President. From PR work to advertising to coordinating. 


Check out some of my work! 

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