Born in Brooklyn, NY, Allen has always been the creative type. Since he can remember, he has always been around pencil and paper.


In Elementary School, his teacher would take away all his notebooks and pencils telling Allen he would be better of f in Art School not in a Social Studies class. Allen remembers that when he was a child, family members would tell him that one day he would become a Graphic Artist, having no clue what graphic design is, long and behold later on in life, he would become one. But it was a long road to get there. At the age of fourteen, Allen's father took him to his friend's local photo studio sitting him down to learn the Adobe Suite, and so he learnt.


At the age of seventeen, Allen would go to workshops in college in Adobe. In 2016, Allen has graduated Brooklyn College with a BA in Marketing, as well as minoring in Studio Art.


Allen's work has been featured around the globe. It's been featured in stadiums such as Barclay Center and Networks such as MSG and Universal. His work has been featured on billboards throughout NYC. 

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